NIS America Inc.’s Grand Kingdom for Sony Corp.’s Playstation 4 and PS Vita is a solid action strategy title that includes a wealth of customization and battle options.

Developed by Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd., Grand Kingdom is a strategy RPG that includes a 2D lane-based fight system with a real-time Action Gauge.

Menu options include Quest to accept quests in Campaign, Versus and Single categories; War to dispatch troops and gain rewards; Policy to enter a contract to battle, hire members or dismiss members; Shop to purchase new items, weapons and armor; Train to learn skills and class up; and Information to research mercenaries and War rankings.

Users can form up to six troops with four members each to use or send to battle. Each member can be fully customized in appearance, voice and learned skills.

Grand KingdomIn each quest, users must move to the goal at the end of the map and battle enemy units along the path.

The inventive battle system allows users to move units on one of three 2D planes to manage their battle formation. Each character class requires unique placement based on skill set. For example, a Fighter must be placed next to an enemy troop to execute a melee attack, while an Archer must be kept a distance to fire into the air and land on an enemy troop.

Users have to exercise caution because two characters in the same lane can damage each other.

In each attack, users can repeat button presses to execute combo attacks. Timing is crucial to juggle enemy hits to add welcome real time action to each battle.

In War mode, users can connect online and enter a contract with one of four territories. When contracted, a selected troop can be used in select battles or sent out to war to gain rewards for an alternate full-featured experience.

The graphics engine is solid at 60 frames-per-second. Battles include detailed hand-drawn sprites that are sharp and well animated.

The sound engine includes boastful orchestral tracks that fit the medieval environment.

Grand Kingdom is a solid action strategy title. The battle system includes required interaction and variation, plus the added online features ensure plenty of strategic action for a total war experience.

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