Sega Corp.’s Valkyria Chronicles Remastered for Sony Corp.’s Playstation 4 is an excellent strategy title that deploys tense battles and strong strategic action on the battlefield.

In Valkyria Chronicles, the neutral country of Gallia is invaded by the Empire and a militia rises to counter the threat and protect their homeland. Among the militia is Welkin Gunter, a university student who subsequently drafted to command Squad 7 and its tank the Edelweiss, and Alicia Melchiott, a heroine drafted as a Scout to Squad 7.

The title is organized by chapters to relay story elements and in-chapter battles. In addition, users can select Tabs to enter the Headquarters, Skirmishes, Personnel, Weaponry, and Glossary sections.

At Headquarters users can enter the Squad Barracks to select soldiers, Command Room, Training Field to add EXP points to level up each unit type, R&D Facility to upgrade weapons and the tank, Castlefront St. to read news, and War Cemetery view fallen comrades and learn new techniques.

Optional elements include Skirmishes to enter non-essential battles and gain EXP, Personnel to view files on each character, Weaponry to view all current weapons, and Glossary.

Valkyria ChroniclesIn battle, users enter Command Mode to select unit types and their placement in a map view. In Action Mode, users can move each unit on a 3D battlefield for placement to crouch behind walls, stay prone in grass, or engage in battle. In Action Mode, units are subject to real-time enemy fire except in Target Mode when the unit is ready to aim and fire. In Target Mode, crosshair placement is crucial and will determine enemy unit damage, from a deadly headshot to the full destruction of a tank.

Unit types include Scouts to survey the battlefield, Shocktroopers to shoot and defend, Lancers for heavy armor anti-tank offensives, Engineers to heal and disarm bombs, and Snipers for long-range fire. Each unit holds a different amount of Action Points to limit mobility on the field. When Action Points are consumed, movement ends until the unit is called to action in Command Mode.

Action Mode combined with the many unit types offer a wealth of strategic placement, fire and defense options in battle. In addition, certain missions will deploy surprise countermeasures to force even veteran users to reevaluate their battle strategy.

The graphics engine is solid at 60 frames-per-second. The remastered high-definition graphics provide a fresh coat of paint to the hand-drawn characters and lively personalities of Squad 7. In addition, the orchestral soundtrack relays beautifully, from percussive beats in battle prep to dramatic scores in tense battle situations.

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered is a fine strategic battle rebuilt for the current generation. The combination of traditional strategy elements in a three-dimensional field is an innovative blueprint for action strategy that scores a complete victory in the battlefield.

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