Night School Studio’s Oxenfree for Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox One is a decent interactive title that weaves a conversation web into an intriguing short story.

In the title, Alex and new stepbrother Jonas join friends for an overnight party to an abandoned military island. Soon they discover supernatural forces that blur their reality.

Users control Alex through a decorative world with subtle interactions. She later finds a pocket radio which can be used to hone in on supernatural frequencies and unlock doors.

OxenfreeThe main gameplay features conversation choices that can be used to create a unique interplay of dialogue based what the user picks. Choices can be subtle or more direct which can provoke other character responses toward a particular disposition. The mechanic is unique, realistic, and flows well between each character.

In addition, the supernatural tones yield an eerie tone just enough to make the player feel uncomfortable in an otherwise normal trip between friends.

The graphics engine is decent with a distant panned view of the well-constructed island. Also, the voice work and sound effects are excellent to lead the player through the unconventional adventure.

The title held a few bugs after a post launch patch, including stuck AI characters and reboots back to the title screen.

Oxenfree is a decent interactive thriller that relays an interesting short story. While the title yields limited gameplay, the characters and dialogue hold enough energy to sustain the overnight boat ride.

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