Nintendo Co. has began distribution of the NX development kit to software developers according to a new report this week.

The The Wall Street Journal this week said the development kit will be used by third-party developers to modify existing games or create new titles.

It claims the console may be sold with a mobile unit that could be used in conjunction with the hardware or used as a stand-alone device.

In addition, it said Nintendo would utilize industry-leading chips in NX hardware. By comparison, the Wii U and the Wii incorporated low-powered chips in order to minimize production costs.

The DigiTimes in July reported Nintendo will begin pilot production of the NX console in Oct. The console is said to be manufactured by Foxconn Electronics.

Orders are said to be finalized by Feb. or Mar. 2016 with production to begin in May or June 2016. The publication claims a launch pegged for July 2016 and shipment of 20 million units the first year of sale.

Nintendo released the Wii U console in 2012 to weaker-than-expected demand. Sales for the hardware have subsequently increased due to franchise title releases including Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and the scheduled The Legend of Zelda.

For the fourth quarter, Nintendo held revenue of $350 million and an operating profit of $250 million.

The Wii U sold 3.38 million units, an increase from 2.72 million units the year prior. Wii U sales total at 9.54 million units.

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