NIS America Inc.’s Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance for Sony Corp.’s Playstation 4 is a solid strategy sequel with brand new gameplay, demonic dialogue, and a mass of custom options to battle in the Netherworld.

In Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance, demon Killian saves Princess Overlord Serphina and plan to overthrow Void Dark, a new villain who has taken over the Netherworld.

Franchise components are intact in the sequel, including Team Attack, Special Skills, Lift and Throw to toss allies, enemies and objects, Magichange to turn enemy monster units into weapons, and Geo Effects that change the property of the field.

Disgaea 5 Alliance of VengeanceBattles are efficient as each unit is taken from the Base Panel and slotted into the grid map. Users can plan out each action to map out all attacks, lifts, throws, and item usage prior to execution.

New to the title is Revenge Mode which fills the Revenge Gauge when ally units are attacked. When the gauge is maxed various stats are increased in battle. Also, during Revenge Mode each Overlord-class character can execute a powerful, unique skill that could overturn a bleak battle situation.

Prior to battle, users can now form Battle Squads that can hold squad effects for special properties in battle and perform squad skills to damage all enemy squad units.

In the new Dark Assembly, users can expand facility equipment, reincarnate units to change their class, and set a sub class for characters by suggesting bills. Users can propose new rules like better items at the store, change controllable characters, pay to enforce new rules, or persuade by force to battle and gain approval.

Finally, the Dual Magichange option allows users to equip Magichange weapons to power up into giant weapons.

In the pocket Netherworld space between battles, users can recruit and customize units, enter Item World to fight to enhance item powers, and accept quests for money and to unlock new units.

All the options equate to a massive amount of ways to level, grow, customize, and organize the party for the strategy purist. For new players, the title offers a large tutorial prologue and the more complex features are not required to progress in the game.

The title utilizes a 60 frames-per-second graphics engine with brand new high-definition sprites and 3D backgrounds. Units never looked better and most speech is voiced in full against trademark jazz tunes. Also intact is the series’ sassy dialogue as each personality speaks with emotional candor and verbal jabs.

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance is a sharp sequel with new options that build upon a solid strategy foundation. From in-depth customization to bountiful battles, the series stays demonically deep in any galaxy.

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