Atlus USA Inc.’s Lost Dimension for the Playstation 3 and PS Vita is a solid dungeon crawler that offers a range of customization and an intriguing plot in which any character can be a traitor.

Lost DimensionLost Dimension is a turn-based tactical RPG in which users command a squad of psychic warriors in the battlefield to defeat an enemy known as The End.

The game requires users to improve squad relations, read minds and identify randomly generated traitors in the squad to complete the mission.

In the Lobby, users enter Talk to discuss and build comradery with teammates; Setup to customize Equipment, Gifts, Items; Generator to purchase new weapons, armor; Vision to deduce the traitor’s identity; and Gate to select from available quests.

Prior to combat, users can position six characters in the party. Each character can utilize a unique loadout of equipment and abilities and users must select the best combination of teammates for the mission.

In battle, each character can move within certain radius to Attack, Gift (magic), Defer to defer their turn to another character, use an Item or Wait. Battles are quick and straight-forward, though difficulty can ramp up quickly with boss characters that can take out close to half HP in early missions.

Enemies can counter attack after each hit, but party members can cluster together to form counter assist or counter chain attacks in battle. Chain assist and counter attacks are key to completing each mission.

After battle, users head back to Lobby to regroup and utilize earned points to purchase equipment or unlock Gift abilities from each character’s skill tree. After completing key missions, the team can reach the next level in the tower, though one character, who must be chosen by the player from cinematic hints, will be revealed as a traitor and subsequently erased from the world.

The graphics engine is decent at 30 frames-per-second. Battlegrounds and characters are simple but well-constructed. Music is standard techno-pop fair that is effective before and after battle.

Lost Dimension is a solid strategy RPG with efficient combat and mission-based structure for mobile play. The lengthy banter between comrades and hidden traitor aspect is unique and mysterious enough to keep users interested in each climb towards The End.

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