Nintendo Co. this week demonstrated Star Fox Zero for the Wii U at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

The video features a flight tutorial from Slippy Toad.

The preview build included a three-phase introduction that provided control instructions, new walker mode, and a subsequent boss battle.

Controls were solid and similar to prior installments with left analog for pitch, R trigger to shoot, in addition to evasive maneuvers like barrel roll, loop, and U-turn.

New to controls is an alternate cockpit perspective where users can shoot in first-person via the Wii U GamePad. The view can also be entered on the main screen with the select button.

The new walker mode can be entered with the A button and enables Fox to enter in ground based battles. When the right analog is pushed up the walker hovers for a brief time to allow users to shoot or lock-onto enemy weak points.

Levels were structured in a linear path but certain sections are closed off for a free roam battle portion.

The graphics engine was sharp at 60 frames-per-second. Fox and crew held plenty of dynamic banter throughout the mission.

Star Fox Zero will include trademark franchise flight combat action.

The title will include Wii U GamePad functionality that utilizes the gyroscope to view around the cockpit and second screen function to shoot in first-person.

The final game will utilize classic controls with one button firing, Arwing transformation, and barrel rolls.

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