Nintendo Co. this week demonsrated Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 3DS at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles.

The video features Samus in Smash Mode in combat against a variety of enemies.

The preview build included the 3DS exclusive Smash Mode, which features platform game action to destroy as many enemies as possible in five minutes.

The platform level featured multi-tier level structure and a horde of enemies including Shy-Guys, chickens, lizard soldiers, warlocks and more.

Along the way, the player can pick up stat boost items that can increase values like Attack and Defense.

After Smash Mode, users battled in a traditional bout against three CPU characters.

Control was tight and held the same mechanics in Smash Mode and in battle mode.

The graphics engine was solid at 60 frames-per-second with great 3D depth and sharp character models in Smash Mode and the traditional battle mode.

The final game will include online multiplayer functionality and 3DS exclusive arenas.

It will be sold Oct. 3.

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