Sega Corp. this week demonstrated Alien: Isolation for Sony Corp.’s Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox One, Xbox 360 and the PC at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, CA.

Alien IsolationDeveloped by Creative Assembly, Alien: Isolation is a first-person survival horror title that includes Amanda Ripley, daughter of franchise veteran Ellen Ripley.

The title takes place 15 years after the first Alien film with Amanda in a mission to uncover the truth about her mother’s disappearance.

In the preview build, Amanda Ripley must travel through several facilities in order to meet a comrade. Users have access to a motion tracker in order to detect Alien or other foreign movement, in addition to supplies that can be picked up or crafted. Supplies include an EMP bomb, flamethrower and handgun. Use of supplies that create a noise, however, can alert the Alien to a current position.

In order to avoid the Alien, users can hide in multiple locations like lockers and storage boxes. The hide function is quick and instant, but still can’t always be fast enough to fool the Alien. When the Alien appeared behind a newly opened door, it found myself locked in a nearby storage box, tore the door open and the game ended.

The constant peril of death permeates every corridor in Alien: Isolation. Users will have to constantly bring up the motion tracker to check for nearby Alien movement and position. It can be heard in overhead ducts in movement from left to right and back to front to leave the player unhinged and alert. Default control and aim is tight and access to supplies is quick and functional.

In addition to the Alien, users will have to be cautious of human scavengers that inhabit the space station in search of food and supplies. A quick approach may scare a scavenger and subsequently attack Ripley.

Weapons can be attained but they are advised to be used only sparingly. Besides the noise factor, many supplies can only be used once or twice. For example, a flamethrower can only hold two long bursts before depletion.

In a secondary section of the preview, Ripley is required to activate a computer system. Upon activation, an android approaches Ripley in an attempt to stop breach of the computer system. Users have the choice to quickly hack the system before the android can catch and kill Ripley, or find use of an item to disable it.

A range of hostile confrontations not limited to the Alien keeps the player on edge, engaged and in wonder for what’s to come.

The graphics engine for the PS4 build was solid with faithful representation of the 1979 motion picture, including low-frequency technology, unsaturated colors and detailed character models. The sound engine was superb with accurate chimes from the original Jerry Goldsmith soundtrack and surround sound to detect full Alien movement in the environment.

Alien: Isolation will be sold Oct. 7.

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