NIS America Inc.’s Hyperdimension Neptunia PP for Sony Corp.’s Playstation Vita is a standard simulation title that offers structured and limited management of a digital pop idol.

Hyperdimension Neptunia PP is a music simulation title that allows users to produce and manage pop idols to earn popularity.

Hyperdimension Neptunia PPIn the title, Gamindutri, protected by four CPUs, has plunged into chaos due to music idols taking over in popularity. The four CPUs have to become idols to subsequently gain back video game market share.

The simulation is menu-based in combination with an action-based live action concert. To manage day-to-day activities, users can choose the Work option to gain market share, the Lesson option to raise idol stats, the Relax option to decrease stress level and deepen friendships, the Move option to transfer operations to another nation, or the Concert option to increase an idol’s number of fans.

Each activity can lower or increase idol stats, from Trust, Vocals, Rhythm, Expression, to Knowledge. After the activity a text-based vignette takes place and the day ends.

Management can be a challenge, as idol stats fluctuate with stress, promotional activities, and relationship issues. All ultimately effect the Guts percentage which must be over a certain percentage rate to perform a Concert.

In Concert, users can select the Group, Vocals, Stage, Effects, and Song prior to the live concert. During the concert, users can control performance aspects like spotlight, confetti, random stage actions, and camera angles.

Concert control is limited to repeat actions and could be improved with an actual rhythm-based game to allow users to have real-time control over the music.

Post performance, the Guts percentage increases, audience reaction is calculated, and the game returns to the menu-based management options.

Hyperdimension Neptunia PP offers standard simulation and production control for a limited experience. Fans can enjoy the digital banter and songs between the new idols, but the protectors of Gamindustri are better equipped with swords rather than microphones.

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