Nintendo Co. this week said it will offer $5 off Dr. Luigi with the ownership or purchase of Dr. Mario for the Wii U.

Through Apr. 10, customers who own or purchase Dr. Mario with receive a $5 discount off Dr. Luigi.

Dr. LuigiDr. Luigi is a puzzle title based on Dr. Mario for the NES. The new version includes new L-shaped pills, Wii U GamePad functionality in Virus Buster Mode, and two-player local and online competitive play.

The final game includes the Operation L Mode for L-shaped pill gameplay and Retro Remedy Mode for classic Dr. Mario gameplay.

It sells at $14.99.

Dr. Mario is a 1-2 player puzzle title released for the NES in which users match like vitamins to counteract viruses.

It sells at $4.99.

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