Sales for Sony Corp.’s Playstation 4 ranked as the No. 3 hardware in Japan in the latest data from the region.

Media Create Co. this month reported the PS4 sold 29,677 units between Mar. 10 to Mar. 16 to rank No. 1 in overall hardware sales.

It sold 35,294 units at launch the week prior.

The PS3 sold 14,128 units to rank at No. 4 in the same period.

The Dark Souls II PS3 SKU ranked as the No. 1 software for the week selling 255,187 units at launch.

Sony this week said it is in development of Project Morpheus, a new virtual reality system for the Playstation 4.

Project Morpheus is a visor-equipped head-mounted display to include built-in inertial sensors to render a virtual world in real-time. It features a 5-inch LCD display at 1920 x 1080 per eye, a 90-degree field of view, accelerometer, gyroscope, and HDMI + USB connectivity.

The hardware will work in conjunction with the Playstation Camera and the Playstation Move.

In addition, the headset will include 3D audio technology to recreate stereoscopic sounds above and below players.

Sony this week released Infamous: Second Son for the Playstation 4 to U.S. retail.

In Infamous: Second Son, Delsin Rowe, a man who discovers new powers, is on the run from the Department of Unified Protection, a group that aims to hunt down and cage superhumans.

Ubisoft Inc. this week announced the exclusive content included in Watch Dogs for Sony Corp.’s Playstation 4, Playstation 3.

The Watch Dogs PS4 and PS3 SKUs will include four exclusive missions, a hacking boost and a brand-new character skin.

The exclusive content is said to add 60 minutes of additional gameplay.

Sony this week said it will add new Share and HDCP off functionality in a new Playstation 4 system software update.

The new update will add a new video editor and option to export and save videos and screenshots to a USB drive.

In addition, the update will include an HDCP off function to capture gameplay via HDMI.

Konami Corp. this week released Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes to U.S. retail.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is a prologue to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Developed by Kojima Productions, the latest entry in the Metal Gear Solid franchise is a prequel that will focus on Big Boss.

Sony this week said Aztez will be released to the Playstation 4 and the PS Vita.

Developed by Team Colorblind, Aztez is a brutal beat-em-up action title that includes an empire strategy management component.

The final game will feature real-time turn-based strategy to maintain the Aztez empire in addition to the management of violent outbreaks in beam-em-up levels.

Square Enix Holdings Co. this week released Final Fantasy X/X2 HD Remaster for the Playstation 3 and the PS Vita to U.S. retail.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster includes Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 updated with high-definition graphics.

The titles were originally released to the Playstation 2.

Sales for the Playstation Vita ranked as the No. 2 video game hardware in Japan in the latest retail data from the region.

Media Create Co. this month said the PS Vita sold 29,719 units between Mar. 10 and Mar. 16 to rank as the No. 2 hardware for the week.

By comparison, the hardware sold 33,287 units the week prior.

The hardware ranked one title in the top 10 software sales for the week, Soul Sacrifice Delta at No. 4.

Meanwhile, the PSP sold 3,461 units to rank at No. 6 in the same period.

Sales for Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox 360 hardware ranked No. 7 units in Japan in the latest retail data from the region.

Media Create Co. this month reported that the Xbox 360 sold 278 units between Mar. 10 to Mar. 16 to rank No. 7 in overall sales.

By comparison, the hardware sold 300 units the week prior.

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. this week price cut Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox One Titanfall Bundle at its online division post launch of the product.

This week, the Xbox One Titanfall Bundle sells at $449.96, $50 off the $499.99 MSRP.

Microsoft this week said it will release new system updates to the Xbox One console in Apr.

New updates include Game and app Saves and updates to view game saves via a progress bar, Friends improvements to view notifications when friends and favorites sign into Xbox Live, Kinect voice and motion improvements, and improved GameDVR video quality.

Microsoft this week said it will release the Xbox One to 26 new markets in Sept.

Fall launch markets include Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Columbia, Greece, Denmark, Finland, Japan, Korea, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland and Turkey.

Capcom Co. this week released theDead Rising 3 The Last Agent DLC for the Xbox One.

The Last Agent includes Brad Park, a ZDC Agent who must uncover the truth behind the Los Perdidos outbreak. The DLC includes new weapons and content that can be carried to the main game. It sells at $9.99.

EA Inc. this week released the Garden Variety Pack DLC to Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare for the Xbox One and the Xbox 360.

The Garden Variety Pack includes 24 new ability upgrades and the eight-versus-eight Gnome Bomb mode that challenges plants and zombies to work together to destroy each other’s reinforced garden or graveyard.

The DLC is available now at no cost.

Konami Corp. this week said it will release the Revelations DLC for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Mar. 25.

The Revelations DLC expands the main story and features Alucard in new adventure that takes place prior to the events of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2.

The final DLC includes unique abilities for Alucard, like Glaciem and Igneas powers, and the option to transform into a wolf, a swarm of bats or turn back time.

It will sell at $7.99.

Capcom Co. this week announced the final roster for Ultra Street Fighter IV for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and the PC.

Ultra Street Fighter IV is a DLC that will add five new fighters including Rolento, Poison, Hugo, Elena, and Decapre for a total of 44 characters.

Decapre was previously a non-playable character in Street Fighter Alpha 3 as of M. Bison’s Dolls.

In addition, the download will include six new levels and new character balance updates.

The DLC will update Super Street Fighter IV at $14.99 and be sold in a stand-alone retail disc SKU at $39.99.

It will be sold in June.

Sales for Nintendo Co.’s Wii U hardware ranked fifth in Japan in the latest sales data for the region.

Media Create Co. this month reported that the Wii U sold 7,654 units between Mar. 10 and Mar. 16 to rank at No. 5 in overall sales.

It sold 7,773 units the week prior.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze ranked at No. 17 in software sales for the week.

Nintendo this week began offering a free trial of Wii Sports Club Golf, Tennis and Bowling for the Wii U at the Nintendo eShop division.

Between Mar. 21 and Mar. 23, consumers can access Wii Sports Club Golf, Tennis and Bowling at cost.

Post trial, users can purchase a Day Pass at $1.99. Each full individual sporting event sells $9.99 each.

Wii Sports Club includes all sports events from Wii Sports – bowling, tennis, baseball, boxing, and golf – with HD graphics, enhanced Wii MotionPlus controls, and new online competitive functionality.

Nintendo Co.’s Nintendo 3DS ranked as the No. 1 hardware in Japan in the latest sales data from the territory.

Media Create Co. this month said the Nintendo 3DS sold 34,144 units between Mar. 10 and Mar. 16 to rank as the No. 1 game hardware for the week.

The hardware sold 35,068 units the week prior.

It ranked six titles in the top 10, including Yo-Kai Watch at No. 2, Dragon Quest Monsters 2 at No. 3, Harvest Moon: Linking The New World at No. 5, Fossil Fighters: Infinite Gear at No. 6, and Kirby Triple Deluxe at No. 7.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Inc. this week said it will release Gauntlet this summer via Steam for the PC.

Developed by Arrowhead Studios, Gauntlet is a reboot of the arcade classic that will include trademark characters the Warrior, Wizard, Valkyrie, and Elf.

The title will include four-player co-op functionality and fantasy-based monsters, including ghosts, grunts, demons, spiders, sorcerers, and skeleton warriors.

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