Namco Bandai America Inc.’s One Piece: Romance Dawn for Nintendo Co.’s Nintendo 3DS is a standard RPG that includes multiple turn-based battle options and customizable extras for the pirate crew.

One Piece: Romance Dawn features Luffy as he begins his pirate career and recruits the Straw Hat Crew. The title features static character portraits and basic one-sentence, comic book-style dialogue to further the story.

One Piece Romance DawnUsers can steer the pirate ship to different randomized island dungeons can encounter on-screen enemies to initiate turn-based battles that feature several battle options.

The battle system is decent and allows the player to choose between different attacks with assigned buttons, perform special and chain attacks, and earn XP to power up skills.

XP can be used to customize the crew and customizations are adorned on in-game characters.

The graphics engine is decent at 30 frames-per-second. Luffy and crew are rendered in 3D and feature trademark attack animation in battle sequences. In addition, the title features 30 minutes of animated cutscenes.

The sound engine is decent with drum-based urgency upbeat tempos in battle.

One Piece: Romance Dawn is a standard dungeon crawler that will occupy fans of the franchise. While the battle system is decent, the maze-like dungeon gameplay and stale story design may cause others to jump ship.

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