Capcom Co.’s Strider for Sony Corp.’s Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox One, Xbox 360, and the PC is a sharp reboot that includes quick combat and branch-based level design for an in-depth arcade experience.

Developed by Double Helix, Strider retells the arcade classic and features Strider Hiryu on a mission to defeat Grandmaster Meio in Kazakh City.

StriderThe new version includes basic controls – light and heavy attack, jump, and various charge and jump upgrades that allow access to new map locations. Movement is quick and snappy, with the trademark Cypher weapon able to eviscerate an robot army in seconds.

In addition, Strider can wall grab and climb walls or cielings to reach new areas. The ability allows level design to branch into multi-level surface and sub-surface space, many of which are optional to include various unlockables.

In each level, Strider will receive major uprades including a charge slash, downward slash and Option-C which can unleash a Phoenix to charge through enemies or fly Strider to new level areas. Enemies gradually increase in difficulty and can require new techniques to be disposed of.

Bosses, which abush Strider at random parts of each level, range from giant flying dragons, bulky mechs, and standard humans, offer a decent challenge, though each doesn’t have much contribution to the story.

The graphics engine is solid at 60-frames-per-second. Strider includes 2.5D construction for lively polygon-structured level design and lot of destruction with zero slowdown. The soundtrack is tech-based and includes nods to the Russian environment.

Strider is a great retelling of the classic arcade title. With sharp controls, combat and level design, the update provides enough in-depth hack-n-slash for veterans and newcomers.

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