Sony Corp. this week said the demo for Square Enix Holdings Co.’s Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII for the Playstation 3 is now available in the Playstation Network division.

In the demo, Lightning tracks down Snow Villiers in the city of Yusnaan. In addition, users can utilize Outerworld functionality to share progress via Twitter and Facebook.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIIIFinally, users who download the demo will receive an exclusive DLC – the Utsusemi Samurai garb – which can be used in the final game.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, to be sold Feb. 11, features full control of Lightning in an attempt to save Gran Pulse from destruction in 13 days.

The final game is said to include all new lands, monsters, abilities and spells.

Customers who pre-order the title will receive the in-game Cloud Strife uniform and the Buster Sword.

It will be sold Feb. 11, 2014.

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