Microsoft Corp. this week said it will release a limited edition wireless controller for Respawn Entertainment and EA Inc.’s Titanfall for the Xbox One.

Titanfall LE ControllerThe Titanfall Xbox One Limited Edition Wireless Controller, designed by Respawn Entertainment, is inspired by the C-101 Carbine used by Titan pilots.

It will be sold Mar. 11 at $64.99.

Titanfall will be sold in a standard edition at $59.99 and a Collector’s Edition SKU that includes an 18-inch Atlus Titan Statue with battery-powered LED lighting, 190-page art book, and Atlas Titan schematic poster at $249.99.

Developed by Respawn Entertainment, Titanfall, to be sold Mar. 11, will include ground and mech combat. The title will include a single player campaign and multiplayer mode.

The Xbox One SKU is said to utilize cloud computing resources to offload physics and AI routines.

The title will utilize cloud technology to run dedicated servers for multiplayer sessions. The technology can allow the developers to scale task work up and down depending on the number of users, or upload new programs for deployment.

The final game will utilize a modified version of Valve Corp.’s Source Engine to maintain a 60 frames-per-second fidelity.

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