Activision Blizzard Inc.’s Call of Duty: Ghosts for Sony Corp.’s Playstation 4 and Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox One is a solid entry in the first-person franchise with a high-octane campaign, new multiplayer options, and high-definition graphics to keep soldiers enlisted.

Call of Duty GhostsIn Call of Duty: Ghosts, users must take down an enemy on a hunt members of the Ghosts (elite soldiers) and the subsequent destruction of America.

The single-player campaign features a robust 18-mission campaign that delivers signature action from the franchise. Stand-outs include a mission with attack dog Riley, a city flood, a repel infiltration, and a battle aboard a moving train.

Control and aim is tight to keep action fast and fluid. AI allies act as movement guides but don’t provide much cover fire in battle. AI enemies are decent and follow typical attack patterns from prior entries.

New multiplayer options include Squads and Extinction. Squads relays concentrated six vs. six battles alone and cooperatively or competitively online. The mode offers an intimate introduction the to the multiplayer component and users earn XP to rank up and unlock new equipment.

Extinction is a welcome 1-4 player co-op survival component to drill away at alien hubs while aliens attack from all angles. Users earn points with each battle wave that can be used to deploy health, turrets, and use location-based equipment.

The standard multiplayer mode includes a new Create-A-Soldier system and perk system to grind at multiplayer games, rank up, and purchase upgrades. Maps can be too large for full 18-player games to result in campers that pick off runners in each session. In addition, bullet damage is considerably strong to allow even a graze to result in death.

The graphics engine is solid at 60 frames-per-second. Ghosts holds a consistent frame rate for the Xbox One at 720p, while the PS4 can stutter in certain levels due to the frame rate exceeding 60 frames in 1080p. Most levels are well-constructed and staged to deliver maximum impact.

The sound engine is consistent, with loud battle cries, strong explosions and structural destruction.

Call of Duty: Ghosts is a solid SKU for next-generation hardware. While the standard online multiplayer can be uneven, the exuberant single-player campaign and new small-scale multiplayer options keep the franchise in orbit.

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