NIS America Inc.’s The Guided Fate Paradox for Sony Corp.’s Playstation 3 is a decent dungeon crawler with an original premise and enough depth for strategy fans.

The Guided Fate ParadoxIn The Guided Fate Paradox, a teenager named Renya becomes God after winning the lottery machine of destiny. He subsequently encounters angels who help Renya establish himself but appear to have ulterior motives.

Each dungeon crawl starts at the Fate Revolution Circuit which generates dungeons that, when conquered, grants a wish in the real world. Dungeon monsters represent aberrations that prevent a wish to be guided into fate.

Each map is tile-based and users can execute actions when the enemy is in their field of vision. Battles are quick and efficient. Actions are turn-based and include Divine Skills that deliver greater damage but use XP. Divine Skills can be upgraded in-between crawls. In addition, users must eat or move across the map to rebuild and sustain energy in each dungeon crawl.

After a crawl, users can refresh in town and utilize the Divinigram to upprade stats. The grid-based system utilizes Holy Icons obtained through use of Divine Skills to increase stats like ATK, DEF, HIT SPD. Also, users can employ a Blacksmith to strengthen Divine Equipment.

The graphics engine is decent at 60 frames-per-second. Renya and co-stars have distinct and vibrant personalities intermixed with lengthy dialogue and plot lines. Voice work is good and includes modern and quirky banter throughout.

The Guided Fate Paradox is a decent dungeon crawler for strategy fans that yearn for a different perspective. While the dialogue can be lengthy, the original premise is worth a shot for a chance to play God.

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