Retailer Target Corp. this week began advertising Nintendo Co.’s Nintendo 2DS handheld system pending release of the hardware Oct. 12.

The advertisement features the Nintendo 2DS hardware in a side-profile and a descriptor that disclaims the hardware is compatible with all 3DS and DS game titles.

Nintendo 2DSThe Nintendo 2DS, to be sold Oct. 12, will play all Nintendo 3DS games in 2D mode only and will be sold in Red or Blue trim at $129.99.

The hardware features a brand new slate form factor with dual screens, analog pad, touch screen, and wireless functionality.

In addition, it retains backwards compatibility to all Nintendo DS titles.

The Nintendo 3DS sold 1.4 million hardware units and 11.01 million software units in the quarter.

The company cited strong Q1 sales of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, and Donkey Kong Country Returns.

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