Ska Studios’ Charlie Murder for Xbox Live is an innovative, in-depth 2D beat-em-up with varied combat and RPG elements to bash a mob of monsters with a band of rockers.

In Charlie Murder, a punk rock band must face off against rival death metal-er and former band mate Gore Quaffer and his legions of evil.

Charlie MurderBand members Charlie, Lester, Tommy, Rex, and Kelly feature unique actions and upgradeable stats.

All members can deploy a light attack, heavy attack, guard, jump, special attacks, and team-up attacks to battle a range of undead and dead monsters. Control is tight and solid throughout.

The title features a large dose of varied enemies from zombies to ghosts to large bosses, each of which hold a decent challenge. Co-op play is a blast with up to four in offline or online play to beat down enemies.

Charlie Murder features multiple venues in each level to purchase new clothing / accessories to build stats, new specials, and one-time power-ups. Band members can purchase items like beanies, hoodies, or longsleeves to boost defense, or new weapons like claws for extra damage. Each user can even purchase new tattoos that add a special move to the roster. The mass of upgrades can deviate from the entire beat-em-up mission, but provide a welcome depth not found in most side-scrollers.

In addition, users view their smartphone to utilize skill points to update character-specific special moves, view email for alerts on game hints, or use the camera phone to take pictures of certain wall art to obtain new items.

The graphics engine is solid at 60 frames-per-second. Charlie Murder features a sharp cel-shaded engine with original art and dark, punk-based themes. Charlie and the band hold distinct personas and rock out with plenty of humorous animation. In addition, the sound engine is solid with high-octane tunes.

Charlie Murder is an in-depth beat-em-up title that offers plenty of solo and co-op action. The title holds plenty of custom options to outfit a custom character and beat down a band of bad guys in style.

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