NIS America Inc.’s Time and Eternity for Sony Corp.’s Playstation 3 is a unique RPG title that includes action-based battles, social simulation, and comical dialogue for a limited yet serviceable experience.

Time and EternityIn Time and Eternity, users take the role of Toki, a dual-soul persona whose fiancé Zack is killed by an assassin attack. She travels six months back in time to investigate the attack and prevent his murder.

The title features a point-of-interest overhead map and battlefields with random encounters. Between bouts, users will engage in some social simulation elements in which Toki, alternate persona Towa, her friends, and Zack (the fiancé who has now inhabited the body of a pet dragon), discuss the attack and how to prevent it from occurring. Zack can develop affection for Toki or Towa which can increase or decrease for either based on user answers. The result can determine the final ending of the game.

On the field, users battle in an action-based battle system that includes a standard shot attack and melee attacks. User movement is limited to up and down to move close or away from the enemy, or left to right to dodge attacks. Each attack builds an SP meter in which users can deploy new melee combo attacks. In addition, users can guard select attacks or access an item menu. Battles can be become repetitive due to limited movement and the random success of attack and defense options.

After battles, additional quests and sub-quests will become available the drive the story. The plot includes a mound of lengthy conversation, all of which is light-hearted and entertaining to watch and listen to.

The graphics engine is decent and utilizes impressive 2D hand-drawn character sprites that animate like a weekly series. The title includes a cast of colorful characters, each of which feature strong voice work. In addition, the soundtrack includes quality orchestral composition.

Time and Eternity is a niche experience that is limited in both adventuring and travel. However, the simulation aspects, comic dialogue and unique battle system is worth a visit back in time.

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