Capcom Co.’s Remember Me for Sony Corp.’s Playstation 3, Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox 360, and the PC is a decent third-person action adventure title that includes an intriguing story and heroine combined with standard action and platform elements.

In Remember Me, memory hunter Nilan escapes from prison to recover her identity. Her ability to break into minds and alter memories make her a threat to authorities in her bid to regain her identity.

Remember MeThe title includes a unique combo building system that will add additional parameters as Nilan recovers her memory. The Combo Lab allows users to utilize Pressens, or actions, in a combo chain to add an attack with aid properties. For example, combo chain X, X, can have a third X or Y Pressen for a three-hit chain. Pressen properties include Regen Pressen to regain health, Power Pressen to trigger finish moves, Cooldown Pressen to reduce cooldown S-Pressen power-ups, and Chain Pressen to double combo chain effects.

The fight mechanics are decent, though the cadence is a bit staggered to prevent a more fluid fight. The dodge function works well to flip out of danger, though two-button fight combinations can feel restrictive.

Between fights, Nilan can traverse the multi-tiered world of Neo-Paris. Each location features a detailed and fully realized futuristic nod that allows the user the climb, shimmy, and jump to the next locations.

The most intriguing aspect of the title is the ability to hack into memories and remix them to fulfill Nilan’s objectives. The cinematic shorts can be rewound or fast-forwarded in order to find glitches that can be exploited. When a glitch is found, users must piece a set of glitches that will trigger the intended effect. While the remix can only end in a way that will fit the narrative, it’s fun to view all the possible conclusions when glitches aren’t compiled properly.

The graphics engine is excellent at 30 frame-per-second. Nilan is a strong yet vulnerable heroine framed with an interesting skill set. In addition, the world of Neo-Paris is beautifully rendered with a modern yet dirty atmosphere.

The sound engine is strong with thematic orchestral highlights and convincing voice work.

Remember Me is a truly original IP that conveys a neat sci-fi narrative. While the combat system could be enhanced with more melee or weapon options, the title’s high production value and interesting concepts can’t be forgotten.

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