Crytek this week demonstrated Ryse: Son of Rome for Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox One.

Ryse Son of RomeThe preview build included multiple combat options, from a sword attack, shield melee, shield block, and attack finisher. Weak enemies are noted with a ‘B’ to allow users to finish them in cinematic fashion. The build did not include an option to target the enemy to make it a bit unwieldy to be precise among an enemy mob.

The AI is fairly intelligent and can sway to dodge attacks in addition to block to add combat strategy.

In addition to combat, the level held a sequence to move the whole army forward, hold A to block incoming arrows and charge the right trigger to toss spears.

The LB button allowed users to call for aid, like an arrow attack, in certain sequences.

The graphics engine was exceptional at 30 frames-per-second. The entire battlefield was rendered beautifully and epic in scale, from a burning ship to a smoking tower, down to the physics of an individual loin cloth.

The final game will include a multiplayer component. Additional details are to be announced.

Ryse: Son of Rome will be sold this Nov.

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