Capcom Co. this week demonstrated Dead Rising 3 for Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox One at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

In a developer controlled preview, Nick Ramos was led through Los Perdidos, California. The title will include various neighborhoods that users can scavenge to pick up weapons or combine to form new weapons.

Dead Rising 3Like prior entries there are a vast number of items to sift through. Users can forge new weapons at any time in various combinations that can lead to complete zombie destruction. Notable items include the Boom Cannon which launches grenades and a katana combination to slice and dice the undead.

Each area includes a Safe House where users can check out their full inventory in the Weapon Locker or Costume Locker. At times, the player must clear the Safe House of zombies prior to their stay.

The title utilizes SmartGlass functionality that can provide extra help when zombie mobs overwhelm. Options include shooting aid or a complete air strike.

The graphics engine is impressive at 30 frames-per-second. The open-world is large and can be littered with 50 detailed zombies. The physics engine includes standard rag doll animations and destruction is in line with prior entries from standard kills to a clean blade slash.

Dead Rising 3 will be sold exclusively to the Xbox One this holiday.

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