Microsoft Corp. this week released new information regarding online, used game, and privacy policies for the Xbox One entertainment system.

The Xbox One will require users to check in online once every 24 hours or one hour if the user is logged into a separate console. If the console does not check in, the hardware will be limited to non-game use including DVD and Blu-ray disc playback.

Xbox OneThe online check-in is said to verify if system, application or game updates are need or if the user purchased, resold, traded-in, or lent a game to a friend.

The company suggests a broadband connection speed of 1.5Mbps.

Game titles can be purchased at retail or as a digital download on the release date. After sign-in and install, a digital copy will be stored on the console hard drive and in the cloud.

Up to ten members in a family can access the user’s shared game library at alternate times.

Publishers will dictate whether or not a game title can be resold. If allowed, the title can be resold to participating retailers. Microsoft will not charge a fee to any party to resell game titles.

A user can give a game title only to a friend who has been on the user’s friend list for 30 days and each game can be given once.

Loaning or renting titles will not be available for Xbox One titles at launch.

Finally, the mandatory Kinect camera will include privacy options to prevent the camera from recording or uploading video or audio. In addition, any data captured, including videos, photos, and heart rate will not leave the hardware without the user’s permission.

The Xbox One will launch holiday 2013.

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