Ubisoft Inc. this week described Splinter Cell Blacklist as a virtual stealth trainer.

The title will accommodate three gameplay styles – Ghost for classic stealth, Assault for a shot-based approach, and Panther for a mix of both.

“My secret objective is that the game is going to be a stealth trainer,” said Creative Director Maxime Béland.

Character routes will not be scripted and will allow users to assess the situation and react accordingly.

“For us it’s important that we’re creating these little sandboxes; we’re putting some A.I. there and then we’re giving all these tools to players. And we’re just saying, Go ahead and have fun, go play with the A.I.,” he added.

Splinter Cell Blacklist will include brand new gameplay features including shooting multiple targets in seconds.

In addition, users can utilize new Fourth Echelon prototype technology like the upgraded snake cam and micro tri-rotor drone.

The Wii U SKU will include enhanced gameplay features with the Wii U GamePad, from motion-based inputs to weapon swap functionality.

The final game will include co-op and versus multiplayer functionality.

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