Capcom Co.’s Resident Evil Revelations for Sony Corp.’s Playstation 3, Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox 360, Nintendo Co.’s Wii U and the PC anchors the franchise’s trademark survival horror roots firmly into the DNA of a creepy, episodic adventure.

Resident Evil Revelations introduces the Federal Bioterrorism Commission and the city of Terrogrigia, which was destroyed in a terrorist attack by an organization called Veltro. Veltro plans to utilize the new T-Abyss virus to terrorize and infect the masses.

The title’s episodic format, utilized effectively in the Nintendo 3DS SKU, works well to provide a decent dose of gameplay in each session and flesh out the lengthy campaign.

Resident Evil RevelationsControls are solid with the Resident Evil 4 / 5 movement and aim blueprint as the foundation. The inventory system is streamlined with one-button access to herbs, secondary items like grenades, and a nifty new Genesis scanner that allows users to scan dead bodies to earn herbs or discover hidden items. In addition, ammo can be limited in certain areas to require users to avoid confrontation.

The new Customizable Parts system works well to allow users to outfit each firearm with perks like extra damage and ammo. Battle Points earned from each mission can be used to purchase new customizable parts in Raid Mode.

The Revelations campaign is a solid injection of trademark survival horror. Veterans will love the return of random notes and items to observe, in addition to new puzzles. The main setting, a desolate cruise ship, provides a large dose of claustrophobic hallways, ornate décor, and chilling ambiance. The Wii U SKU offers the best puzzle translation due to the transfer of puzzles to the GamePad touch screen. In addition, Off TV play and Miiverse functionality are excellent and offer additional functionality to port.

The standard new enemy, Ooze, offers a movement and cadence much different from prior zombies. Each staggers in unorthodox patters to keep shooting a welcome challenge. Users can evade attacks with up / down and B simultaneously or charge A for a massive melee hit when an enemy is recovering.

In addition, new boss enemies are challenging and creepy, from the first mutation to the infamous Rachael.

The graphics are solid at 30 frames-per-second. The Nintendo 3DS MT Framework engine has transitioned beautifully to HD with detailed characters and settings. While the limited facial polygons can cause for some stagnant expressions, the title’s new coat of paint keeps the latest outing modern and current.

The sound engine is fantastic and features one of the best soundtracks in the series. The musical score with nautical nods, creaks, and chilling chants meld with the on-screen action in seamless fashion. Also, the dialogue includes select cheeky one-liners that instantly become part of Resident Evil folklore.

Raid Mode is an fine option to keep shooting post campaign. Users can choose and unlock franchise characters to kill all enemies in mission-based levels either solo or with an online friend. Each mission can unlock new items that can be used for further customization.

Resident Evil Revelations is an excellent addition to the franchise and a fine update to the Nintendo 3DS release. From the episodic campaign to the functional Raid Mode, the latest virus fully infects historic survival horror to current generation hardware.

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