NIS America Inc.’s Black Rock Shooter The Game for the PSP and Playstation Vita is a solid action RPG that includes quick shot battles and an intriguing sci-fi setting to fire up a mobile blast.

In Black Rock Shooter, Earth has been invaded by humans and a group of soldiers awake a combat android called Black Rock Shooter to help combat the current alien invasion.

Black Rock Shooter The GameEach stage requires users to complete certain objectives, like destroying all enemies, in order to proceed. Stages are built in 3D to allow the player to roam free and view all enemies in the stage.

Upon enemy contact, the battle system engages. Users control aim with the left analog, and shoot, guard, and dodge with face buttons. While there is limited mobility, the title still requires users to have a quick trigger with manual and auto-aim target shooting, hitting the guard button has enemy’s strike, and dodge incoming fire.

In addition, users have to monitor an overheat gauge, which fills with each combat action made in battle to add a layer of strategy to each bout.

The L trigger offers access to items like additional health. Post battle, additional items can be picked up for future use.

Later, Black Rock Shooter can be upgraded with new weapon abilities and support aids to build offense or defense stats.

The graphics engine is solid at 30 frames-per-second. Character models are sharp and well-built. In addition, the grim, military-based art direction includes well-designed grunt enemies and fancy mechs.

The sound engine is great with full-vocal tracks, original Japanese dialogue, and sharp sound effects.

Black Rock Shooter The Game is a great action RPG option for PSP and PS Vita owners. The title offers quick shooting action in small stages for a fast load and reload of sci-fi at home or in a distant galaxy.

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