Capcom Co.’s Capcom Arcade Cabinet Pack – 1984 Game Pack FINAL for Sony Corp.’s Playstation Network and Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox Live is a vintage compilation with a classic and two lesser-known titles in a solid, nostalgic update.

Capcom Arcade Cabinet Pack – 1984 Game Pack includes three titles: 1942, SonSon, Pirate Ship Higemaru.

1942 is the first entry in the classic vertical shooter. The title is the blueprint for the classic arcade shooter with spiraling planes, large ships, and the option to perform a loop to avoid bullets.

SonSon is a innovative side-scroller that includes five platforms users to move between to shoot and dodge enemies. The auto-scrolling levels keep the pace fast and a range of enemies from the front and back add a welcome dose of strategy.

Pirate Ship Higemaru is a fun maze puzzler in which users must escape a band of pirates by lifting and tossing barrels at them. The title requires fast movement and quick thinking with eager pirates waiting to corner at every turn.

Each title includes new options, including Score Attack to rank new high scores on the leaderboard, Training to practice without Achievements, and Casual Mode for easy difficulty.

In addition, titles with multiplayer functionality can be played online with a friend for instant co-op action, which was lag-free in our review testing.

With each play, users can unlock items specific to each title, including wallpaper and other images that can be viewed in the Gallery.

Finally, all arcade titles can be adjusted with various visual options, including Full Screen to cover an entire HD display with sharp pixels.

Capcom Arcade Cabinet Pack – 1984 Game Pack is great vintage compilation. The more obscure titles offer a great look back at the video game innovation and provide a nice challenge for core veterans.

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