Dillion’s Rolling Western: The Last Ranger for the Nintendo 3DS is decent action tower-defense title that offers time-based strategy and action for a quick fix on the road.

Developed by Vanpool, Dillion’s Rolling Western: The Last Ranger, the sequel to Dillion’s Rolling Western, features Dillion the armadillo as a ranger hired to protect a village from invading Grock rock monsters. When Grocks eat all the village livestock, Scrogs, the game ends.

Dillion's Rolling Western The Last RangerEach level takes place between day and sundown, with exploration in the day and battles at sundown. The village includes various points-of-interest to source material that can add to village defenses including Scuffles – a crop that feeds and adds Scrogs, materials that can be exchanged to equip towers with added defense equipment, and a Saloon for Dillion to replenish health.

Grocks are represented as large rock creatures that roam the map. Upon impact, users enter an action battle game in which a stylus-based slide rolls Dillion toward an enemy. Once all Grocks are defeated the initial large Grock disappears from the map.

New to the entry is the ability to recruit new allies after their defeat, like the lizard gunman Gallo and the bear Boone. In addition, users must protect a train that moves through each stage to add additional responsibility to each nightly Grock defense.

Time is limited for both exploration and fighting to maintain a strong challenge. The large area can make it difficult to prepare for battle and fight Grocks spread widely across the map to take novices several attempts to win each battle.

The graphics engine is solid at 30 frames-per-second. Dillion and comrades are well-built and shaded in a dusty western world. The sound engine with guitar strings and whistles compliment the setting well.

Dillion’s Rolling Western: The Last Ranger is a decent action tower-defense title. The mix of exploration and action offers a varied approach to the genre and shoots a western motif with enough charm to keeps players on the defense through dawn.

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