Microsoft Corp.’s Motocross Madness is a nimble arcade-style racer that features fast stunt-based races, customization, and multiplayer options for a solid ride.

Motocross Madness includes a range of game modes from Career to local and online Multiplayer to Garage to customize bikes and riders. The title is compatible with the Avatar Famestar program to auto-insert an Xbox Live profile Avatar into the title for instant personalization.

Motocross MadnessCareer Mode is robust and includes nine off-road tracks in a variety of environments to unlock. Each race includes bonus items to increase boost and ramps to deploy tricks which are performed with a button press and direction hold. In addition to tricks, users can drift to gain boost and opt for multi-path shortcuts to gain the lead in each race.

A welcome option is the Exploration Mode, where users can roam the track to collect coins and other items to unlock custom gear. Online multiplayer includes eight-player functionality for a quick competitive fix, or users can race head-to-head in two-player offline local races.

Controls are well-tuned with a solid combination of arcade and realistic physics. Full-speed collisions will cause the rider to fly off the bike like a rag doll, and courses yield road hazards like cliffs to make sure users tread carefully.

The graphics engine is solid at 30 frames-per-second. The title is well-textured, with some track pop-in, and Avatar functionality is well-integrated. The sound engine is good with upbeat tunes throughout.

Motocross Madness is a solid racer that includes a fun mix of arcade racing, stunt action, and customization that retains high-flying speed a low price.

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