NIS America Inc.’s Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory for Sony Corp’s Playstation 3 is an unique, but niche RPG title that features dungeon-crawling and action-oriented turn-based battles intertwined in a large dose of teen drama.

Hyperdimension Neptunia VictoryIn Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory, lead heroine Neptune from Planeptune, is warped back in time to the 1980’s where she meets younger versions of her friends, each of whom represents a sector of Gameindustri. Pals Noire from Laststation, Blanc from Lowee, and Vert from Leanbox all compete to become the largest and most popular console maker in the land. Histoire, Planeptune’s Oracle keeps the entire gang in line to order their priorities.

In towns, users can visit several key areas including the Guild. At the Guild, players can advance the storyline by completing quests like Hunting, Item Delivery, and Time Sensitive Quests. After claiming rewards, quest completion can change the market share of each city and gain fans to become the greatest console maker.

Other key town elements include Item Development to create equipment or restorative items from materials and the Basilicom to watch Nepstation TV, view events, or listen to BGM.

Dungeons become available on the overhead map which users can warp to instantly. Battlefields that include Treasure Cubes, Harvest Point, and Save Points. Event Points trigger major events in the game including battles. Strike an enemy first to get the first move in turn-based battle.

The battle menu is like prior entries and features options like Attack, Defend, SP Skills. The turn-based combat system is varied and features action-based options Rush to deploy multiple hits, Power Edge for a power hit, Break Hit to break an enemy’s guard. In addition, players can now sacrifice 20% of SP to activate CPU form to amplify stats.

Between dungeons and battle menus are cinematic events that feature the lighthearted trials and tribulations of Neptune and her friends. The banter can be a hit or miss, with some of the dialogue stretched to a lengthy rant. However, fans of the series’ quirky approach will find enough entertaining character squabbles.

The graphics engine is standard at 30 frames-per-second. The in-game engine that renders dungeons and battles is a bit dated and can fall below 30 frames. Character models are well-built with classic anime style and over-the-top specials that deliver massive damage. The sound engine is decent with upbeat tunes and positive themes throughout.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory is a standard dungeon-crawling action-RPG title. While the console-battle storyline is overshadowed by cinematic theatrics, fans of the series who enjoy light-hearted battles, customization, and banter will feel at home in this galaxy.

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