Nintendo Co.’s HarmoKnight for the Nintendo 3DS is a solid download title that integrates platform action with musicality to pound out beat-centric gameplay in a full digital download package.

Developed by GAME FREAKS, HarmoKnight introduces Tempo, a boy tasked with ridding the world of Noizoids with a Music Note Staff. Tempo is later joined by Lyra and Tkyo, each armed with their own unique instrument to aid Tempo.

In each level, Tempo must collect music notes in the level in order to collect enough points to pass the level. Tempo automatically runs through the level while users control jump and hit functions. While users collect notes, platform jump, avoid obstacles, and hit enemies, each action adds a layer of musical composition to the level music.

HarmoKnightThe in-game world is extensive and offers eight musically-inspired worlds with 50-plus levels. Levels are well designed with more varied note and enemy placement, in addition to multiple routes. Boss levels offer more cinematic events with difficult cadences of hits and jumps that must be performed in succession.

The title mixes up gameplay by introduces different characters, including Lyra, who shoots enemies with a bow and arrow and Tyko who can pound out strong beats with drums. Certain levels will switch between characters dynamically to offer a nice variation in gameplay and challenge.

The graphics engine is solid at 60 frames-per-second. In addition to sharp and vibrant graphics, the title uses comical hand-drawn art to add a note of charm to the story.

The music is the star of the title and composes a number of creative, up-tempo tunes, with each world taking a specific music genre.

HarmoKnight is a solid digital download title that creatively integrates traditional platform stages with musically-inclined gameplay. The easy-to-learn yet challenging stages will have any player hitting and jumping their way to a unique, successful symphony.

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