Nintendo Co.’s Kersploosh! For the Nintendo 3DS is a fast-paced 3D download title that offers physics-based puzzle play as users make their way down a deep well to reach the final splash zone.

Developed by Poisoft, Kersploosh allows users to select various objects and drop their way down through a well to reach the bottom. Along the way players to squeeze through donut holes to receive a boost and nab HP balls to recover hit points.

KersplooshEach knock against obstacles including wood planks, discs, and even fake donuts can damage certain objects that can eventually break and end the game.

Starter objects include an unremarkable stone, a bouncy ball that is unbreakable but doesn’t hold particularly high speed, to unlockable objects like an iron stone that is speedy but heavy and harder to control.

The wells each feature creative design with some levels holding multiple routes. Each well is a definite challenge and requires practice to make it through to the end, particularly with breakable objects.

The graphics engine is solid at 30 frames-per-second. The polygonal graphics are basic but textured well enough to make obstacles distinct. The sound engine is decent with crash and bounce sound effects against each hit.

Kersploosh! is a solid download title for the Nintendo 3DS that offers a quick fix for action puzzle fans and a high challenge for players who want to make their way to the bottom of the well without breaking apart.

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