Neko Entertainment’s Puddle for Nintendo Co.’s Wii U is a decent physics-based puzzler that allows users to gently tilt a mass of liquid to safety through hazardous levels.

In Puddle, users must guide a large mass of liquid to the level exit while avoiding obstacles like gates, fire, and chasms. Users control the flow of water by tilting the screen with the left or right trigger, with the puddle of water affected by momentum-based shifting from the player.

PuddlePlayers must clear the level with a certain amount of water remaining as indicated by an on-screen meter. Each level is cleverly constructed with tubes, gates, shifting gears, moving platforms, plant life, or biological matter.

Water can be depleted by being left behind a gate, being burned away by fire, electricity, laser beams, or other obstacles.

The physics engine is realistic in movement, though the puddle acts like a mass of gravy. The use of momentum to shift the water is easy in early levels and difficulty quickly ramps higher to offer a decent challenge to veteran players.

The graphics engine is good at 30 frames-per-second with realistic liquid movement against highly animated levels.

Puddle is a decent download title for the Wii U. The physics-based puzzles offer a virtual watery challenge for all ages without the real world mess.

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