Nintendo Co.’s Tokyo Crash Mobs for the Nintendo 3DS is a quirky digital release that offers quick puzzle action with an inventive human-tossing premise.

Developed by Mitchell Corp., Tokyo Crash Mobs requires users to toss or roll a person into a line queue in order to eliminate a group of three in line wearing the same color attire. Each level requires the user to reach a certain position in line or stop the queue from reaching a buzzer in order to win.

Tokyo Crash MobsThe title includes a Story Mode to run through a daily diary of queue events or Challenge Mode to survive a nonstop queue with either game character.

Players utilize the touch-screen and stylus to position each person before each shot. A trajectory line helps to guide users and a lift off the stylus executes the action.

Shots are mostly well executed, though the constant movement of the queue can make it a challenge to shoot to the crowd in rapid fashion.

The title keeps the pace quick with a time limit and distractions like queue-jumpers that must be shot before reaching the line, and dual lines to monitor two queues simultaneously.

The graphics engine is decent at 30 frames-per-second. Digital cutouts of live-action characters are comically pasted in rigid form and nonsensical interludes draw out a unique charm for the puzzle title.

Tokyo Crash Mobs is a solid download puzzle title for the Nintendo 3DS. The easy-to-learn gameplay and wacky premise relay a quick pick-up-and-play puzzler for fans of any age to enjoy.

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