D3 Publisher Inc.’s Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable for Sony Corp.’s Playstation Vita is a decent quick fix for solo or online multiplayer against a nonstop invasion of giant bugs.

Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable includes single-player mission-based levels, online co-op play and online versus play for up to four users.

Earth Defense Force 2017 PortablePrior to deployment, each user can customize their loadout, from assault rifles, sniper rifles, lasers, rocket launchers and more. Select levels include vehicles like tanks, mechs and bikes.

Gameplay is straight-forward with third-person dual-analog move and aiming control. Users can fire with the R trigger, jump with the L trigger, and chose weapons with circle. On the field, dead bugs leave extra shield and ammo to allow users to recover from battle damage.

Enemy AI is fast and swarm the battlefield in massive waves. Giant ants, spiders and more quickly cover terrain and shoot out projectile and encourage quick and heavy firepower from soldiers.

Online play is substantially more fun, with live co-op users able to execute more strategy than standard ally AI. The online play plunges users into instant high-octane action and is a total blast with friends.

The graphics engine is standard at 30 frames-per-second. Soldiers and buildings feature limited textures and build quality in order to preserve a consistent frame rate for online and offline battles. The sound engine includes upbeat tracks against repeat sound bytes from the AI.

Earth Defense Force 2017 is a decent third-person shooter for the PS Vita. The title provide instant pick-up-and-play action that works in short spurts for nonstop solo or co-op bug blasting.

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