Capcom Co.’s DmC: Devil May Cry for Sony Corp.’s Playstation 3 and Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox 360 is a stylish reboot that stuns with exceptional action, variety, and a full, fleshed out retelling of the son of Sparda, Dante.

Developed by Ninja Theory, DmC: Devil May Cry retells the story of Dante in the modern world that lives in parallel with a demonic world called Limbo. Dante receives help from Kat, a human witch, and Virgil, his twin brother, in order to take down the modern incarnation of a head demon.

In addition to standard Rebellion sword and Ebony & Ivory pistols, Dante now has access to weapon modifiers called the Arbitor and the Osiris.

DmC Devil May CryThe Arbitor, deployed by holding the right trigger, is a large axe that can be intermixed with standard attacks. Holding the right trigger and pressing the shoot button will allow Dante to pull objects toward him, including enemies. The Osiris, deligated to the left trigger, is the polar opposite – a light whip with a lot of range to whip a mob of surrounding enemies. Holding the left trigger and pushing the shoot button will launch Dante toward the object or enemy.

The modifiers free up the combat system to near limitless variety as Dante launches, yanks or lunges toward enemies, air strikes, then juggles demons with a graceful ease. Despite all the options, the controls are tight and solid throughout.

New enemies, which yield a strong AI, force users to make use of their entire arsenal, with demonic cupids that must be yanked, invincible chainsaw runners, overweight demons that must be pulled down to the ground before a strike, and ice knights that can only be harmed with the Osiris.

Between fights, Dante can use the Aribitor pull or the Osiris lift to platform through the shifting world of Limbo. Dante later learns to glide to provide more dexterity for platforms and in fights.

Also, Dante can collect White Orbs to upgrade abilities. Each of the weapons has a varied list of available upgrades to extend attack options to a dizzying degree. Red Orbs can be used to purchase franchise favorite items like Vital Stars for health and Gold Orbs for resurrection.

The graphics engine is solid at 30 frames-per-second. While the frame rate is half of the standard 60-frames-per-second in prior entries, the dynamic world of Limbo and Dante and his new demon enemies are well-textured and built. In addition, much care was paid to the story to ground it a modern world yet retain the mature, humorous, and twisted center of the series. The sound engine rekindles the rock sound from previous titles with a harder edge that plays effectively during each battle.

DmC: Devil May Cry is shining reboot that successfully retells the story of Dante with deep combat and a rich variety in action. The new, rebellious Dante turns from a punk kid to a multi-layered character that is better built and better defined to survive a modern, demonic video game world.

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