Microsoft Corp.’s Kinect Party for the Xbox 360 is a creative motion-based title that inserts anybody into a multitude of TV channels for quick motion-controlled fun for all ages.

Developed by Double Fine Productions, Kinect Party transport users into an old TV set that includes 36 channels, each with a different motion-based game premise.

Kinect PartyActivities include turning into a monster to punch airplanes and kick nearby buildings, karate chopping wooden boards, dodging lava and donning humorous disguises.

All activities are instant pick-up-and-play games that allows any friend or family member to flail widely and enjoy the game. Each activity lasts only several minutes to allow alternating and co-op play.

The graphics are basic with a rough camera image of the user inserted into each themed-level. The Kinect camera performs well in average and low light conditions for accurate motion detection in each activity.

Kinect Party is a fun party title that can add some spice to a family gathering. All activities have an instant appeal, though most don’t carry enough depth for lengthy sessions.

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