Capcom Co. this week released new DLC multiplayer modes to Resident Evil 6 for Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox 360.

Downloadable content includes three new game modes – Survivors Mode, Predator Mode, and Onslaught Mode.

Survivors Mode is a solo and team-based versus mode in which killed players respawn as an enemy and respawn as a human after two human kills.

In Predator Mode, users take control of Ustanak, a B.O.W. to try to eliminate human players.

Onslaught Mode is a two-player mode in which users clear waves of oncoming enemies .

Predator and Survivors Modes support up to six players.

Each mode is sold at 320 Microsoft Points each or in a three-pack bundle at 720 Microsoft Points.

Resident Evil 6, released in Oct., features three brand new campaigns, online co-op and competitive modes, and an unlockable campaign.

The Resident Evil video game franchise has sold more than 47 million copies worldwide to date. The live action movies have grossed more than $525 million in global markets.

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