Microsoft Corp.’s Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect for the Xbox 360 is a decent arcade snowboarding title that utilizes basic gesture movements for high-speed living room skating.

Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect features various downhill courses from around the world to allow users to compete for the best time in each course.

Motion controls are easy to learn. Players chop up and down in slow to fast speed to accelerate. A lean in either direction moves the player left or right. Each course features a number of stars that can be collected to boost speed. In addition, users can crouch to dodge obstacles or jump from ramps to perform large air tricks.

Each gesture is responsive to the Kinect. For smaller kids, the sensor may not be able to pick up every hand gesture, however each lean, jump, and crouch is recorded accurately. Courses are speedy and offer a number of alternate stunts like grinding on airborne pipes that ride high over the course.

Multiple players can compete by alternating and trying to beat the last ghost’s score. Each qualifying round can unlock additional character customization attributes.

The graphics engine is decent at 30 frames-per-second. Character and course models are basic but include enough vibrancy and animation like fire, fireworks, and multi-colored spotlights to entertain an animated arcade experience.

Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect is a decent arcade racer for a all ages. The straight-forward downhill courses combined with simple motion controls relay quick bursts of fun without Red Bull-related injuries.

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