Nintendo Co.’s new Miiverse function for the Wii U could turn out to be the killer app for the new hardware, which weaves in social functionality into game groups with live and dynamic user updates.

Miiverse is front and center when users turn on the Wii U. The TV screen displays a cluster of users that surround different game icons and display balloons of chatter from select users. Owners can switch this display to the GamePad to wander through the crowd and wade through comments, and subsequently enter the Miiverse app to view the entire discussion from a certain topic bubble.

In games, Miiverse can be used at any point to post a comment. Within a game, users press the Home button and press the Miiverse icon. Users have the option of uploading the current screen grab captured from the current point of play in order to provide context for the comment.

From Miiverse, users can head to any game discussion board and see updates by the second from owners. If users see a comment they like, they can ‘Yeah!’ or ‘UnYeah!’ the comment.

The entire social aspect divided by games makes it much easier to socialize and make friends that any other current platform. Game boards provide a common ground of discussion, followed by a deeper conversation about help, accomplishments, and eventually adding new friends.

Also, the fact that Miiverse can be used entirely without the television only increases the personal attachment and attention to the social network.

Nintendo plans to offer access to Miiverse beyond the Wii, including the PC and mobile devices.

The Wii U is shaping up to be device that is fine-tuned to current consumer trends. With Miiverse, the social component is thoroughly enjoyable and a component that trumps competitor offerings by a generation.

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