Capcom Co.’s Okami HD for the Playstation Network division is a beautiful portrait that blends artistic development with innovative gameplay mechanics updated to fine HD resolution.

In Okami, users control Amaterasu, a wolf who is called upon to restore beauty to a cursed land. Amaterasu is accompanied by a spunky artist named Issun, who guides the wolf to learn more about his destiny.

The control setup is easy with attack and jump buttons to roam the hand-painted land. A key portion of the title involves use of the Celestial Brush, in which users hold R1 and press square to paint certain portions of the land in order to restore it. Each of the title’s puzzles requires the user to dot or stroke a canvas in order to proceed to the next area.

Users will also encounter evil spirits. Upon each encounter, the immediate area is closed off and requires Amaterasu to deploy standard attacks and newly learned abilities. Combat is very fluid and users can deploy Celestial Brush strokes to deliver additional damage.

Level design is based on large maps with various terrain. Users can save at certain points and puzzles may require backtracking.

The title is gorgeous at 30 frames-per-second. Okami is water color painting in motion and has been updated to a new vibrancy in high-definition. The sound engine is solid with ancient flutes and drums that accompany each level.

Okami HD is a rare game title release that excels in unique gameplay and artistic merit. The new HD visuals are excellent and users will fall in love with the white wolf and its journey to paint a better world.

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