NIS America Inc.’s Mugen Souls for Sony Corp.’s Playstation 3 is a decent role-playing title that includes a solid battle system and hilarious comedic dialogue, though hardcore players may be turned off by graphical hitches and frequent random battles.

In Mugen Soul, demon Chou-Chou plans to take over seven intergalactic worlds with pals Altis and Ryuto. She quickly discovers that her manipulative powers don’t work on every being but continues every effort to continue her conquest.

The game world is separated between town-like G-Ship (airship) and various worlds that Chou-Chou and crew land on.

On land, users encounter random and non-random battles frequently. Users can deploy basic RPG actions including Attack, Skill, Item, Switch (change party member), Retreat and Defend. In addition, Link attacks can be performed with two characters in a nearby battle radius.

A new system Moe Kill allows users to choose from three phrases that can alter the Emotion Gauge, Moods, and Affinity of foes in range. Phrases that please the enemy make it easier to change enemy into Peon or Item. Scolding enemies will increase the Frenzy Meter.

Collected Peons can be used to power up the G-Ship and make airship battles more manageable. In addition, users can create custom Peons or Fuse with Peons to gain new attributes.

The Blast Off System allows users to knock enemies into each other by performing a Skill then choosing a trajectory.

Users can also engage in G-Castle Battles. In airship to airship battles users trade blows until one ship is defeated. Three main actions include Attack, Strengthen and Heal. Ryuto comments on what the enemy ship may do next to allow users to select an appropriate command.

Both standard and airship battles are fun, quick, and full of creative animations.

The graphics engine is mixed at 30 frames-per-second or lower. The overworld is hampered by a choppy frame rate and frequent battles are used to compensate for small locations. The sound engine is delightful with super upbeat J-Pop tunes, hilarious mature dialogue, and well-executed voice work by the cast.

Mugen Souls is a competent RPG with solid battles on land and in the air. While the title can be tedious in battles and frame rate, the comical characters and storyline will keep dedicated conquerors in combat.

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