Microsoft Corp.’s Fire Pro Wrestling for Xbox Live is a decent wrestling title that incorporates a customized Avatar into the wrestling ring.

Developed by Spike Chunsoft, Fire Pro Wrestling includes multiple modes to play solo, local co-op, or up to four players online.

Gameplay is simple with light and hard attack buttons, grapple, guard, and run with the L trigger. Users can quickly learn standard wrestling moves like the ability to run against the ropes and closeline an opponent, climb the corner to takedown, or pin their opponent for a three-count tap out.

Controls are standard, though the combatants are a tad stiff with action figure-like mobility. Casual users will be fine with the setup, though hard wrestling fans won’t have the intricacy for complex gameplay movements.

The top feature in Fire Pro Wrestling is the ability to fully customize the in-game wrestler, from unlocking new moves to increasing abilities like power and technique. The options add a decent layer of depth to the title and users can unlock additional moves as they compete in the ring.

The graphics engine is solid at 60 frames-per-second. Users will get a kick out of watching their Avatar duke it out with flashy finishers and taunts against other customized Xbox Live users.

Fire Pro Wrestling is a decent download wrestling title for Xbox Live. The game incorporates user Avatars with finesse and the customization options will keep casual fans in the ring until the final count.

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