Nintendo Co. this month demonstrated Nintendo Land for the Wii U at the Wii U Experience in Los Angeles.

The company preview Metroid Blast, a new third-person shooter attraction that allows users to enter a virtual arena and blast versions of trademark Metroid enemies.

In the preview, two players shared a vertical split-screen while the third player controlled a spaceship to provide shooting support from the sky.

The ground players utilize the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to move and shoot enemies. To shoot, users can move their cursor and fire with the B button. To look around, users must hold the A button and adjust the camera. The separation of the two functions, rather than cursor move with the camera to aim and shoot, slows down the arcade-type action a bit.

The virtual shoot down yields additional dexterity with the option to use the Morph Ball to roll around and avoid shots, or even grapple onto the third player’s ship and fire at enemies.

The graphics engine is solid at 60 frames-per-second. The neon overlay found on the level construction and character build accents glow in an impressive bright neon fashion.

Nintendo Land is a virtual theme park that will include 12 attractions. It will be sold Nov. 18.

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