Nintendo Co. this month demonstrated Nintendo Land for the Wii U at the Wii U Experience in Los Angeles.

The company previewed Mario Chase, an attraction in Nintendo Land that allows up to five users to compete in a game of tag.

Up to four users can use the Wii Remote to control an on-screen player in an attempt to chase the GamePad user, who is wearing a Mario costume.

Levels are separated into colored zones like red, green yellow, and blue to allow players to socialize in their attempt to chase down Mario.

The GamePad user views their character moving in a up-close camera and in an overhead map which shows the location of all players on the map. The Mario player can even pick up a star in the level to remain invincible for a brief period of time.

Users could pick up and play the game in no time as they yelled out which zone Mario was last seen in.

Nintendo Land is a virtual theme park that will include 12 attractions. It will be sold Nov. 18.

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