Nintendo Co. this month previewed New Super Mario Bros. U for the Wii U at the Wii U Experience Event in Los Angeles.

New modes previewed included the Boost Rush Mode is a time-based race to complete levels that speed up with coin collection.

In the mode, up to four-players platform through levels that increase their auto-scroll with every twenty coins collected.

The mode is a blast with four players racing to keep up with the speed of the screen without losing lives, which are shared among all players. The new Pink Baby Yoshi can be carried to lift players into the air with the shake of the Wii Remote and can continue to shake until all the air leaves his body. In addition, the new Flying Squirrel power-up will allow players to glide or leap up with the shake of the Wii Remote.

The final game will include several Boost Rush Mode level packs including Easy Pack, Flying Squirrel Pack, and Acrobat Pack.

New Super Mario Bros. U will be sold Nov. 18.

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