Hello Games’ Joe Danger 2: The Movie for the Xbox Live division of Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox 360 is a solid follow-up that offers new daredevil stunts that cater specifically to action movie sets to offer more variety and stunts than the prior installment.

Joe Danger 2 offers a total of six acts (levels) to allow the veteran stuntman to recreate action-based movie scenes from mine cart racing to skiing from an avalanche, or jet-packing to safety.

Controls are level-specific, though triggers consistently offer solid acceleration and brake with an accurate physics-based quality.

In addition to acceleration and brake, Joe Danger must hold down a button to duck and let go to jump over obstacles to maintain a decent speed score. Along the way, users can collect stars, the letters DANGER, and perform stunts to receive maximum bonus points and stars to unlock new levels.

The change to movie sets offers a distinct variety both gameplay and controls. For example, the mine cart race quickly introduces users to quick duck and jump maneuvers, while the jet pack allows users to take a little more time to leap into every nook and cranny to find bonus items.

Returning is the four-player competitive multiplayer to offer time-based competitions between offline or online players. In addition, the online mode includes support for leaderboards and voice chat.

Joe Danger 2: The Movie is a solid stunt sequel for Xbox Live. The title shoots Joe Danger into brand new locations that keep the physics-based controls intact in each race or each blast in the air.

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