NIS America Inc.’s Legasista for the Playstation Network division of the Playstation 3 is an upbeat dungeon crawler that includes staple random dungeons and entertaining dialogue.

In Legasista, protagonist Alto travels to the Ivy Tower, a structure that may hold the key to cure his sister, who was turned into crystal by a curse. At the entrance, he meets Ms. Dungeon, an android who introduces Alto the basics of dungeon crawling. In the tower, Alta bands with additional characters, like humanoid ancient weapons, to battle through the tower.

The control setup is basic and easy to learn. Alta can dash, jump, and attack. In addition, the trigger buttons yield access to use or throw items.

Each dungeon holds a large amount of loot like alternate weapon and armor upgrades. To keep survival in flux, weapon and armor can deteriorate with use and eventually break to force the user to use another weapon or try to reach the dungeon exit without one.

Level design is straight-forward and an homage to 8-bit top-down action RPGs.

The graphics engine is solid with bright and clean hand-drawn 2D graphics. The game contains a wealth of cinematic text with cel-shaded 3D models that react to the preposterous plot points.

Legasista is a good adventure for dungeon crawling fans. The download title offers concrete action with lots of upgrade elements to keep users busy in a monster-filled tower.

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